Mission, Vision & History


Educate in order to aid in the recruitment, retention, support, and advancement of minority students in the hospitality industry. Build and maintain relationships between hospitality professionals and minority students in ways that encourage lifelong commitment to the organization.



NSMH will be nationally recognized as the premier professional organization for developing exceptional minority student talent and leadership.



Since its founding in the spring of 1989 at Cornell University, the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality has been a non-profit student run professional organization. NSMH works in conjunction with its sponsors to establish a working relationship between the hospitality industry and minority students.

NSMH believes that its members are an asset to the hospitality industry. NSMH is an organization of students and professionals representing an array of social and cultural backgrounds and a wealth of unique perspectives and ideas.

NSMH is proud of its diversity and believes it provides a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry. Consequently, we work to make the industry aware of the benefits that a diverse workforce provides in a business that caters to the world.

Industry Partners and Sponsors

The Board of Industry Affiliates (BIA) is a collection of the most influential businesses in the hospitality industry.  As Industry Partners of NSMH, the BIA plays an integral role in guiding our future growth.

Chapter & Member Recognition

Here’s the list of our "HALL OF FAME" award winners for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.  Following the list are the award descriptions.
The 2012-

We address diversity and multiculturalism

NSMH is the premier professional organization for minority hospitality students.  We address diversity and multiculturalism, as well as the career development of our student members & Alumni members.