31st Annual National Conference Workshops
Friday, February 21, 2020

Workshop Session A | 9:15am - 10am CT


Breakout 1: Hotel Trends: Evolving the Guest Experience

With more than 17 million hotel rooms available to travelers across the world, what are hotel companies doing to set themselves apart from their competition? What are the trends we should expect to see in this new decade? Our panel of industry professionals will engage in a robust discussion on how they're increasing market share and promoting loyalty among guests who have an abundance of choices and the ability to request a hotel room of every shape, size, location, and décor with a touch of a button.

Breakout 2: Food & Beverage: More Choices Than Ever Before

From Keto to Whole30, plant based to low-carb, fast casual and full-service restaurants are expanding their menus and offerings to accommodate more lifestyle choices. What menu items are predicted to rise to the top in 2020? Do customers miss plastic straws? Our professional foodies will share what's to come in the year ahead!

Breakout 3: International Views: The World Is Your Oyster

Creating a life and career in a country other than your own is appealing to many graduates.  But how do you navigate visa requirements, language requirements, and ensure you can afford your best life?  Our panel of experts will offer direction on how to make the dream of working abroad a reality!



Breakout 4: Adjacent Spaces: Seeing Beyond Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants may be the foundation of our industry, but hospitality continues to evolve and expand into different environments.  Regardless of the setting, the primary goal remains the same; to provide the best service and a flawless experience to customers from start to finish.  Our panelists will share why your perfect internship or career fit might be found in a nontraditional environment!


Breakout 5: Graduate Studies: Visioning a Master's Degree

Graduating the first time will feel amazing, but what's next? Should you obtain work experience first or go straight to graduate school? What are the opportunities and doors that could open for you if you obtained an advance degree?  If your undergraduate degree is in hospitality, should your master's degree focus on hospitality as well? A mixed panel of professionals from industry and academia will offer their insight, answer these questions and many more!


Breakout 6: Prep My Profile: Branding Yourself to Stand Out

When you apply for an internship or career opportunity, there’s a good chance many of your skills and experiences overlap with other candidates who have applied for the same role. How can you showcase the qualities and abilities that you uniquely possess? What makes recruiters keep your resume at the top of the pile? Our panel will offer the truths you need to hear to help you engage with confidence, interview strongly, and secure your desired opportunity!


Workshop Session B | 10:15am - 11:00am CT

Breakout 1: When Hospitality Hurts

Presenter: Brian Barker

Traveling the world, exploring new cities and experiencing different cultures is high on our bucket lists, but is it possible that our visits to "must see" destinations is doing unintentional harm? NSMH National Board Alum, Iowa State University PhD student, and DePaul University Faculty Advisor, Brian Barker, will lead a discussion on the effects of over-tourism and why increased popularity and too many visitors to a location can’t be dismissed as simply a nice problem to have.


Breakout 2: Advocating for Inclusion: DMV Black Restaurant Week

Presenter: Dr. Erinn Tucker

In 2018, three entrepreneurs, united around a powerful idea and mission of “using food as a force for good.” DMV Black Restaurant Week was established to help facilitate this mission.  In the short time since its inception DMV Black Restaurant Week has served hundreds of black owned restaurants in the Washington DC metro area. Dr. Erinn Tucker, co-founder of DMV Black Restaurant Week and Faculty Director of the Global Hospitality Leadership master’s program at Georgetown University, joins us to share her experience with launching this platform and why it's crucial we advocate for our communities' local restaurants and industry talent.


Breakout 3: The Business of Hospitality: Forecasts and Trends

Presenter: Mark Woodworth

The hospitality industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and disruptions over the last two decades.  What key trends have been steadily reshaping the industry and where is hospitality heading in the near future? Mark Woodworth of CBRE connects the dots and provides industry updates.


Breakout 4: Secure the Bag: Creating a Path for Career Success

"Secure the Bag" is more than just an expression, it's about a focus on goal achievement and setting yourself up for professional and personal success. Are you wondering if it is okay to ask for set days off? Curious if you can negotiate a starting salary? Did you accept a job offer and now want to rescind? Our panel of industry professionals and NSMH alumni will share the lessons they've learned along the way and answer the questions you really want answered!


Breakout 5: Meetings & Events: It's Not Just About Weddings

Planning events for a living is your dream, but how can you make this career path your reality? Our panel of meeting and events professionals will offer their perspective on why it takes more than just a "love for people" to be successful and how you too can thrive amid constant deadlines and pressure. 


Breakout 6: Situations and Scenarios: What Would You Do?

We've changed the names and some of the details, but all of these scenarios are based on real life events!   Together with a group of your peers, you'll utilize your conflict resolution and problem solving skills to determine the best course of action for these problems that could definitely occur in the work environment!


Workshop Session C: Classification Workshops | 11:15am - 12:00pm CT


Freshmen/First Year Students: Visioning Your Future

New to hospitality? Not sure how to approach recruiters or exactly where to start? Your first year creates the framework for future success. Come and learn from our panel of industry professionals how to navigate the world of handshakes, resumes, and career fairs. 

Sophomore/Second Year Students: Foundational Experience

You're moving closer to graduation and focused on making every experience count. How do you stand out during an internship? What are the right questions to ask when you receive an offer? Is it okay to make mistakes? This workshop will give you tips and tools on building your resume and gaining valuable experiences to ensure future success.


Junior/Third Year Students: Anticipating Your Career

How do you apply classroom knowledge to a real life job setting? How do you start to establish yourself as an emerging leader or manager? Is this when you should focus on one employer and demonstrate your loyalty to them?  You're not alone in feeling unsure, luckily our panelists are here to support you with the answers and advice you need to help you leverage your professional network and position yourself to achieve your desired results.


Senior/Fourth Year Students: Preparing for a New Beginning

Here is where "adulting" truly begins!  Do you want to live close to home or relocate?  Is a direct placement role better than a training program?  Will one more internship make a difference?  Our group of industry professionals will alleviate your worries, help you handle difficult decisions, and feel even more prepared to trade campus for career.


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